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Wineries of the Napa Valley

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Wineries of the Napa Valley by Richard Golueke

The Illustrated Guide to Wineries of the Napa Valley
 takes you by the hand and guides you through a typical afternoon's wine-tasting trip. Most visitors are overly ambitious and try to see and do too much. This book shows you how to maximize your wine country experience by offering day-trip ideas to unique wineries that are within easy reach of one another and by providing dining suggestions at nearby restaurants. Maps guide you and pen & ink drawings give you an idea of what to expect at each destination.

This book was to have originally been published through an obscure local publisher but they pulled out of the project so I decided to self-publish. The guide is now available for purchase through a special website on Create Space. Use the discount code "ZEZ8DRKV" to receive a 15% discount on Create Space.  It is also available through Amazon for a substantial savings off the $23.95 list price.

Foreword by Jac Cole

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