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Banker's Club Concourse

Banker's Club Elevator Banks

Project:             Banker's Club of San Francisco Brochure
Client:               ARA Services
Art Director:   Charles Ewers
                           Charles Ewers Graphic Communication

Fillmore Center

Project:              Building Rendering
Client:                Fillmore Center
Art Director:    David Johnson
                            Creative Services

Seattle's Pacific Science Center

Project:             Interior Rendering
Client:               Seattle's Pacific Science Center, Washington
Art Director:    Daniel Quan
                            Daniel Quan Design

Chevron Tank Retrofit Program

Project:           Tank Retrofit Rendering
Client:              Chevron Services Corporation
Art Director:   Fred Ontiveros
                          Creative Director

Indonesian Consulate

Project:               Indonesian Consulate Concept Rendering
Client:                 Sands Commercial Realty
Art Director:     Arthur Weiner AIA

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