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Zelda and George

And poor George! On that morning, George was decked out in a pink-and-black polka dot shirt and an oversized, jewel-covered green hat that was so big it covered his fluffy head and jetted out past his short nose. On top of his back was one of those butterfly clips; it looked like the insect was hitching a ride on George, as if George was a horse instead of a dog. When Zelda saw her friend, she slid to a stop—this was just too good for her to pass up.  “Wow, I love your dress, George,” Zelda called out, hardly able to contain her laughter.

Zelda and Shawn

Zelda was spread out in the warm rays of May sunshine, tummy flat on the porch, all four legs splayed every which way. This was Zelda’s favorite place to wait for her person to get home from school. Since it was Tuesday, it was also a school day, and Shawn had just gotten home, depositing his backpack, helmet and skateboard on Grandma’s old yellow rocking chair on the porch. He sat down on the steps next to Zelda.


More Santa

Project:             Spot Illustrations
Client:               MacDonald Classified Service
Art Director:  Tracy Philips
                           Creative Director

Gerardo's Little Book of Wisdom and Advice by Gerardo Joffe

You can be quite happy,
Even without lots of money,
As long as you have someone who loves you
And whom you can truly call your honey.

Project:              Book Illustration and Cover Design 
Client:                Gerardo Joffe, Jomira Books
Art Director:    Gerardo Joffe

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