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Richard Golueke

Richard is a native Californian and a lifetime Bay Area resident.  His educational background was as a political science major at the University of California, Berkeley.

"Shortly thereafter, I became interested in architecture and design.  I was inspired by illustration and decided to make it my career."

He spent several years apprenticing in a small San Francisco graphic design studio and has been a freelance San Francisco based illustrator since 1980.


  • ...I have enjoyed the work you've done on my behalf...your talent is only exceeded by your cooperative nature...for both I am grateful and appreciative. Many thanks.
            Willie L. Brown, Jr.
            former State Assembly Speaker &
            Mayor of San Francisco

  • ...thank you for referring me to Richard Golueke.  He is exactly the kind of illustrator we need for this project, and the rough he has already done looks great.  Thanks again, 
            Julie Muller
            Hamlin Associates 
            Public Relations

  • I am very grateful to you for your cooperation with me on this little project.  Obviously, without you, it couldn't be what it is. Your wonderful cartoons make all the difference!  I really enjoyed working with you and I thank you very much.  With warmest regards,
            Gerardo Joffe

  • ...dependable, trustworthy, productive...truly talented and full of sincerity...I would not hesitate to recommend him...
            Bruce E. Heiser, A.I.A., F.A.R.A.

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Partial List of Clients

  • The American Group, Samson Division
  • ARA Services
  • Bechtel & KWU Corporation
  • San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
  • Chevron Shipping Company
  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Computer Design Magazine
  • Doctors+Designers/Health Ed
  • Filmore Center
  • Globe Restaurant
  • Guglielmo Winery, Santa Clara
  • MacDonald Classified Service
  • MacMillan/McGraw-Hill
  • The New York Times
  • Next Century Restaurants
  • Panamax
  • Random House/Shelter Publications
  • San Mateo County
  • Sands Commercial Realty
  • Shaklee Corporation
  • Seattle Pacific Science Center
  • WorldPac



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