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Product catalogue illustration describing the composition of a pill and how its elements work together.
Client:               Shaklee Corporation
Art Director:   Doug Hogue

Project:             Winery locations for the book, A Wine Tasting Guide to Wineries of the Napa Valley.
Client:               Self
Art Director:   Self

Project:             Illustrations for a product spec sheet showing the path water takes through a Shaklee purification filter.
Client:               Shaklee Corporation
Art Director:   Doug Hogue

Project:             A diagram of a pill factory for use in promotional literature.
Client:               Shaklee Corporation
Art Director:   Froy Francisco

Project:             Instructional drawings portraying the correct hand and arm signals used to direct crane operators.
Client:               Chevron Services Corporation
Art Director:   Fred Ontiveros

Project:             Rope cut-away depicting its unique construction: to be used on packaging and promotional materials.
Client:               The American Group, Samson Division
Art Director:   Neil Keating
                           Reynolds Keating Associates

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