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"Hedcut" Illustration

 is a term referring to a style of drawing, associated with The Wall Street Journal half-column portrait illustrations.  They use the stipple method of many small dots and the hatching method of small lines to create an image, and are designed to emulate the look of woodcuts from old-style newspapers and engravings on certificates and currency.  The phonetic spelling of "hed" may be based on newspapers' use of the term hed for "headline."—Wikipedia

Project:            "Hedcut" Illustration
Client:               Stephen Lawton
Art Director:    Melissa Lawton

Spot Illustration

Spot Illustrations

View Tire Repair                                                         View Baseball

View Pumpkin Carving                                                   View Scarecrow

Project:              Spot Illustrations
Client:                MacDonald Classified Service
Art Director:    Tracy Philips
                            Creative Director

Restaurant & Food Services

Banker's Club Wine Steward

Project:               Banker's Club of San Francisco Brochure
Client:                 ARA Services
Art Director:     Charles Ewers
                            Charles Ewers Graphic Communication

Governmental & Community Affairs

Sesquicentennial Logo

Project:             Sesquicentennial Logo
Client:               San Mateo County
Art Director:   Mary McMillan

Local Events & Celebrations

Vintage Car Show Poster

Project:             Vintage Car Show Poster
Client:                Rodeo Chamber of Commerce
Art Director:    Richard Golueke

Additional Drawings

 Spot Illustration Slide Show

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